We're an Australian-owned family business with a focus on total health & wellbeing.

Built on sustainable business practices, we raise awareness on wholesome living.

Nourishing the body, the mind and our world, one delicious Hare Ball at a time!

Gluten free, dairy free, vegan & raw

Super inclusive! No matter your dietary requirement or lifestyle choice, Little Hare loves the world and every creature in it.

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Carob And Hare in Australia

Little Hare + BIG EARS 


100% Australian-owned

Eco-friendly packaging


Local organic ingredients


100+ Stockists in australia

What is carob?


Meet carob! A sweet edible pod that comes from the carob tree. It's been cultivated for over 4000 years & tastes so good that it's often used as a healthy alternative to chocolate.



Australia's Best Carob!


We use locally grown carob, from our friends Michael & Jam Jolley at The Australian Carob Co. in Booborowie, South Australia.

Big thanks to Michael & Jam!



I'm glad you asked! It's because carob is naturally sweet, so we never add sugar. It's family friendly (no caffeine), high in fibre (so you stay full longer), high in protein & really good for digestion.


It really is the best!



We've got Hare Balls multiplying across the country.

Wherever you live, there are bound to be Hare Balls close by.

Find your local stockist by contacting one of our lovely distributors:

Good Food Warehouse

1300 637 620

Esteem Pantry

1300 673 663


We've got Hare Balls in Singapore, too!


Singapore stockists please contact:

Chan Tien Kuan Holdings

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