With a background in art and holistic living, I've spent over 30 years dedicated to yoga, meditation, philosophy, health and wellbeing.


I've had an obsession with hares ever since reading Alice In Wonderland. I think it's a constant reminder to not take life too seriously. Who wouldn't want to be at a tea party like that?

I've noticed I'm not the only one fascinated by hares, they're often depicted in story books and art. They're truly captivating, for me it's about their freedom and the relationship they share with the natural world.

I often look to our little hare for inspiration, he reminds me to live passionately and with purpose. That's Carob And Hare: A conscious life filled with mad tea parties and Hare Balls!

Hello! I'm Donna, the Chief Hare at Carob and Hare.


It all started with Carob... 

From a young age I was obsessed with healthy eating. Over the years, natural living became a priority and soon enough I was living in a mud-brick house in the country, baking sourdough bread, milking goats and creating carob snacks for my two young kids. The natural sweetness of the carob meant tasty treats without refined sugars.

Over the years, life got busier and healthy eating got harder. I didn’t want to compromise on real, enjoyable food and I felt sure there were others just like me, so I got to work!


Soon the Hare Ball was born. A gourmet, nutritious snack for busy Hares on the run. Food that actually improves digestion and is naturally high in calcium, antioxidants and vitamins. Now many Hares enjoy them with their tea and coffee!

As you can see it's been quite a journey, well over 30 years in fact! So may I suggest you...

slow down, eat well and enjoy.

Philosophy of the Hare...

The Little Hare came about in an effort to guide us into a life that is inspiring , mindful and positive, and to help us achieve some calm in this fast paced and ever changing world. He is admired for his simple, carefree outlook on life.


He represents all we aspire to be: healthy, positive, kind, intelligent, free and living in harmony with nature

(a kind of pooh bear).

Amongst the chaos Little Hare remains steady, compassionate and kind.


You can see he has a beautiful soft look like on his face, like you could tell him anything and he would never judge or hurt you.


Little Hare is a philosopher and a steady comfort for us in our busy lives, helping us in our pursuit of happiness.


He has a big responsibility you see, for he is holding a very large ball in his hands and if you look closely you can see it is rather heavy and difficult for him to hold onto to.


But he never gives up.


He continues to smile :)  for Little Hare is holding the whole world in his hands.


So yes, he does have a huge responsibility. 


For me this is how I see mankind.


We all must reach out and look out for each other.


We too have a huge responsibility to nurture our bodies, our community and the earth.


In this way, Carob And Hare was born as a way of reaching out establishing a connection to people and nature, aiming to improve people’s everyday experience of the world.

Phone: +61 406 143 584

E-Mail: chief@carobandhare.com.au

Carob And Hare, Shelford, VIC AU

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