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  • What is Carob?
    Yeah, glad you asked! It's a naturally sweet edible pod similar to cacao (but better)!!! No bitterness and gentle on tummies so it's great for digestion, rich in protein, calcium and has less sugar than cacao.
  • What are the benefits of eating Hare Balls?
    - You're filled with all ROUND Happiness - You grow big ears and start to bounce...HAHA - They contain natural fibre, this means good pooping :) - You stay fuller for longer without feeling heavy, so you can bounce lots - It's a natural digestive - It's caffeine free
  • Does it have added sugar?
    Never, our carob is naturally sweet!
  • Do Hare Balls contain caffeine?
  • What is the shelf life?
    12 months
  • Do Hare Balls require refrigeration?
  • Are there peanuts in any flavours?
  • Where can I find Hare Balls?
    You can find Hare Balls by visiting us at our shop in Kanmantoo or directly from The Little Hare Ball Shop online. Stockists please Click Here
  • What are some other ways to enjoy Hare Balls?
    Warm them up and they transform into a decadent pudding, serve with favourite Ice cream!
  • What types of adventures are Hare Balls best suited for?
    All adventures under the sun. From hiking & cycling to little hare lunch boxes or big hare office snacks...we got you covered!
  • Do you add hares to Hare Balls?
    Definately NO hares have been harmed, we LOVE Hares! 100% vegan and cruelty free :)
  • Are Hare Balls organic?
    Our carob is all Organic and Australian-grown. Plus we use Organic pure extracts and Organic coconut. Watch this space as we find ways to become even more Organic...
  • I'm a curious hare with more questions, how can I learn more?
    Cheif Hare is here to help! Contact her any time at and she'll bounce some help your way. Even easier, just use the contact form Right Here.
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